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Strong emotional agility is foundational for effective leadership.

Organizations are changing.

CEOs and leaders face many challenges, and it is their job to provide solutions, right? But, after all, people are not born with qualities like effective leadership and innovationThey have to be the role models and demonstrate the conduct that will make a company productive and pro fitable.

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The PERI Model

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The best leaders possess a strong sense of self, are compelling communicators, strong listeners, and effective collaborators.

For Individuals

An organization that supports effective leadership development is led by empowered employees that use their own skills to influence their organizations culture and impact.

For Organizations

“Emotional intelligence is responsible for 58% of our job performance.”

Schmidt, 2012

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All based in neuroscience, we work with individuals and organizations to:

Strengthen Perception

We cater to diverse learning styles.

Increase Empathy

Empathy is important to improve communication and intrapersonal relationships.

Build Resilience

Grit and perseverance are key to manage stress and power through roadblocks.

Improve Intuition

Judgment plays a critical role in making informed decisions.

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