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Mavasive Leadership Program

Extraordinary leadership starts from “within”. Mavasive Leadership Program is built on a model of wellbeing and high performance through Perception Training, connecting with others through Empathy Training, handling stressful situations through Resilience Training, and making better decisions through Intuition Training.

How it works

We offer a full four-day program that can be delivered in different formats according to organizational needs.

  • Pre-assessment
  • Training
  • Post-Assessment
  • Follow-Up

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Day 4

Strengthening Perception and Self-Awareness

Strong self-awareness, perception, and social fluency serve as a foundation for effective leadership. With a sophisticated understanding of self and the way you relate to others in the workplace, you can take a positive next step in your career and increase your impact. This program will help you:

• Become aware of your own emotions
• Develop an understanding of others’ emotions
• Reconstruct Self-Narratives
• Learn how to interpret non-verbal cues in others
• Understand how others perceive you in different scenarios
• Navigate difficult conversations

Developing Empathy and Compassion

Whether managing an internal team, leading an external project, or building a
collaborative movement, empathy and compassion are paramount for motivating individuals and teams towards greater impact. This program will help you:

• Understand the value and impact of empathy and compassion
• Learn tools to improve active listening skills across different cultures
• Discover interviewing techniques to gather information about others’ emotions
• Communicate emotions more effectively to others
• Give and receive feedback with compassion
• Improve communication and storytelling skills through increased relatability

Building Resilience and Grit

The ability to recharge and bounce back stronger from difficulty and failure is an essential characteristic of leaders facing the stress, uncertainty, and change they experience everyday. You will learn how to manage stress and challenges, methods to measure the application of new skills, and a plan to build resilience
into your daily life. This program will help you:

• Learn how to adapt to changing circumstances and environments with ease
• Cultivate a growth mindset while building grit and perseverance
• Build cognitive endurance and stretch out of your comfort zone
• View challenges as opportunities rather than hardships
• Value failure in reaching personal and organizational goals
• Influence others positively during times of change

Improving Intuition and Judgment

Intuition plays an essential role for decision-making in rapidly changing environments. Our intuition comprises all the data and facts we have collected through all the people we have met and all of our experiences. New research in neuroscience tells us that our brains are much more elastic and malleable than previously suspected. This program will help you:

• Understand the difference between informed and uninformed gut feelings
• Learn how to cope with “information overload” in decision making
• Discover how to combine intuition and cognition for better decisions
• Explore the psychological aspects of decision making
• Understand the biases, emotions, and offsets of the decision-making process
• Learn a proven process that will help you make better business decisions

Mavasive Leadership Program Delivery Methods

Choose a training method that best fits the training needs of your organization.

At Your Organization

Our emotional intelligence program can be customized for your organization and rought to your company or a location of your choice.

At Our Training Centers

We offer a classroom course held throughout the year at our Training Center in Washington DC.

In Webinar Format

We are able to deliver our training in a live, interactive webinar format for organizations who need remote access for their participants.


If you have trainers and would like to train them in our program, we offer a facilitator’s kit, leader’s guide, certification, and support.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Form laughter to valuable learnings, this program is essential for our young leaders to experience. I highly recommend this experience for any organization looking to motivate and engage their employees.”

– Dr. Akinola Babatunde
Cyprus International University

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